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Ten Weight Loss Myths

weight loss myths10 Myths for Fast Weight Loss That Need To Go Away Once And For All

The weight loss market in the United States is worth staggering $72 billion, and everyone wants a piece of that pie. However, what many see as a business opportunity, others see as a chance for quick cash.

As a result, we see the placement of numerous false myths and fake news on how to lose weight fast. To make things even worse, many people don’t even bother to check if there is some validity in those claims and go straight into trying them out. That’s when things go out of control.

To that end, we have made a list of 10 myths about fast weight loss that need to go away and stop confusing people. They are merely misleading and in some cases, can even have an adverse health effect.

1. Certain foods can speed up your metabolism
Many so-called experts claim that some drinks and foods can give a boost to your metabolism so that it can faster burn more calories, which will lead to fast weight loss.
The truth is that there is no scientific proof about that and no viable research to prove the claim. Most of these products are not worth buying and have little to no effect over your metabolism. Many of them only contain high levels of sugar and caffeine.

2. Not eating snacks can help you lose weight fast
Snacks are rarely the problem as we all need to eat something in between meals to keep our energy levels high. The problem is the type of snack you eat. Replace the candy bars, and crisps with fruits or vegetables, and your snack problems are solved.

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3. Drink plenty of water to lose weight
Water is essential and keeps you functioning normally. However, water can’t help you lose weight. It can help you snack less, which is quite helpful. But it doesn’t help as described by some folks.

4. Skip meals to lose weight
Again, this can have the opposite effect as you might be missing out on essential nutrients that your body needs to function normally. Plus, it can result in tiredness. Instead, you might opt for eating less than skipping meals altogether.

5. All slimming pills are safe to use
Not all of them are effective as described, and some may even contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. In any case, it is for the best to consult your physician before buying any pills.

6. Starvation can lead to fast weight loss
Doctors strongly object to such a radical approach and don’t recommend to starve yourself to lose weight. Then there is the strain that comes with maintaining this diet over a more extended period. Even if you manage to go through a period of starvation, it is very likely to gain the same weight soon after.

7. You can target specific spots
Some people like to lose weight only around their thighs, some to get rid of their beer belly, and others in some other place. Nowadays, there are even weight loss products that promise that.
The thing is not just possible. You can’t lose weight in one area and not lose elsewhere on your body. Every product that promises that is misleading and can’t deliver that.

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8. Healthier foods will put a dent in your budget
Fruits and vegetables play a huge role in every weight loss diet and cost the same or less than the fast food we all crave for. Buying ready meals costs even more. However, if you prepare most of your food on your own and you buy ingredients from the local market, the cost of the food will be the same as the other not so healthy food.

9. To lose weight, you need to follow a radical exercise regime
There is no need to put such a strain on your body by adopting a radical exercise regime. Exercising is very helpful and can have a significant effect on your weight loss efforts, but it doesn’t have to include lifting weights six days a week. According to some studies, the average adult should get at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week to lose weight. That can be done through light jogging, walking, biking, etc. Just move more and sit less.

10. You can sweat out fat
Many think that sauna rooms can help them sweat out the excessive weight. The truth is that they are only losing water and not weight. The number on the scale might look promising after some time at the sauna, but that’s just the water you’ve lost. Only one salty meal or a glass of wine can counter that effect very quickly.


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