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12 Best Weight Loss Tips For Men

12 Best Weight Loss Tips For MenFocus on your weight loss aim

As a man, if you are trying to stay fit and lose weight, you must be initially disappointed as most of the magazines, books, and programs on weight loss are aimed at women, bodybuilders, and athletes and not for the regular man like you. But your needs and the strategies you ought to follow are very different from all these three categories.

There are many reasons like health, self-esteem, or an attractive look for which you may want to lose weight. Being focused on your intention is very important so that you don’t lose track. So it would be best if you spent some quality time in setting your aim.

This article will help you out with a lot of weight loss tips for men like you.

What is the greatest mistake about weight loss that most men make?

Most men are seen setting unattainable weight-loss goals. Instead of trying to lose a vast amount of weight at a go, be practical. Decide on the total weight you want to lose and then divide it on a weekly or daily basis. For example, aiming to lose weight of around 2 pounds in a week is fine. Dropping off too much weight at a time is not considered healthy. By following the weight loss tips for men, you will attain your goals more quickly.

The mental preparation required for weight loss

It is crucial that you mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming changes before you plan to lose weight. Some of you may otherwise even quit halfway due to a lack of mental preparation. Therefore, to attain your goal, you should prepare yourself for the adjustments you need to make. 

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Some practical weight loss tips for men

Although women generally complain about being overweight, nowadays, many men are also seen as concerned about their weight. Here are some useful tips for men who are interested in losing weight;

Calculation of the BMI – Before you plan to lose weight, check out your BMI to see whether you require starting with a weight loss program. Measuring your body fat will also tell you whether you need to shape up.

Dieting is not a must – If you are not comfortable with dieting, don’t do it. Instead, focus on improving your eating habits. So better not deprive yourself of food; instead, eat healthily.

Take your partner’s help if you have one – Generally, partners will always be happy to help them with healthy meals from time to time to support them in attaining their goal.

Healthy eating – This includes eating more whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Try to take fish like salmon, tuna, etc. twice a week. Go for low-fat milk products and lean protein. Cut on the consumption of processed and fatty foods. Reduce your intake of sugar and salt too.

Shakes substituting meals – Taking some filling shakes for breakfast and lunch will surely help you cut down your calorie intake and carry a serving with you to your workplace, which helps keep you away from the junk food.

After 9 p.m. no food – Better you get into this habit as soon as possible because your body needs to utilize it before you sleep.

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Reducing alcohol intake – a significant source of calories, reducing your consumption of alcohol is an excellent way of losing weight.

Walking as much as possible – Try and walk as much as possible instead of driving or taking public transport.

Use of stairs – Climbing the stairs up and down several times a day is considered one of the best ways of losing weight.

Avoid temptation – While shopping, always avoid sweets and snacks instead of nuts and cereal bars.

Workouts – Since most of us don’t get time on weekdays working out on weekends is a good option for losing that extra pound.

Get involved in sports – Only watching sports on TV is not going to help you. Indulge yourself in some outdoor sports instead. 

A little motivation and these weight loss tips for men will surely help you achieve your goal at the earliest.


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