12 Surprising Uses of Peppermint Oil

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One of the plants that have a long history of human uses and cultivation is Mentha Piperita, which is the peppermint plant. For over 100 years, it has been used by many herbalists for medicinal purposes and used as flavors. Peppermint oil is found in teas, candies, chocolates, and even in some soaps. It’s a powerful therapeutic essential oil.

The peppermint plant is a crossbreed between spearmint and watermint. Peppermint plant is extracted from the leaves of these plants. Most of the beverages, foods, and cosmetics use peppermint oil for flavoring. It can also be used to deal with various health conditions. You can use it orally as dietary supplements, an ointment, or as creams.

Peppermint has a sharp and pleasant aroma that causes some coolness and refreshing. In one time or another, you may have tasted a chewing gum or food that contains this oil. It usually leaves a coolness in your mouth. That is because of the chemical components, menthone, and menthol.

Peppermint is an easy plant to grow and can grow just about anywhere. It thrives in any moist shaded areas and can easily be grown at home in a container.

Peppermint plants grow so easily, in fact, it is recommended that you plant your peppermint in containers so it doesn’t take over your garden.

The leaves and oil from a peppermint plant are what we typically use in medicines, tea, liniments, and yes, even candies. Peppermint oil is probably the most useful derivative of the peppermint plant. Studies show that peppermint can actually give your mind a boost. When you are feeling a mid-day slump, pop a peppermint in your mouth or lit a peppermint-scented candle and you will be ready to face the world.

Peppermint oil is usually found in various forms, including essential oils which are used for many purposes like aromatherapy, extracts that are used to give food its flavor, and in the form of capsules used as dietary supplements. This oil is used in various ways, including:

1. Calming down Nausea
From a recent study, pregnant women found aromatherapy from peppermint oil as one of their companions that helps them to deal with nausea. After research on a small group of people who had an issue with nausea inhaled peppermint and their nausea level was significantly reduced.

2. In dealing with vomiting
If you are always having a problem with vomiting, especially after your meals, peppermint oil can be beneficial. Peppermint oil has been noted to be dealing with vomiting in many patients, and its chemical components silence the vomiting.

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3. In dealing with bad breath
Peppermint oil is excellent in dealing with inflammation in your mouth and throat that can cause bad breath. It is very annoying to have bad breath. Fortunately, peppermint oil is there to deal with that. You can use it after brushing your teeth. You don’t need to use much of it to see the effects.

Apply some drops of peppermint on your tongue and brush your tongue thoroughly. You may also use it together with a glass of slightly salty water. This mixture will give you the refreshing feel you are after. Some people have even made mouth sprays where they use around three drops of peppermint oil with some purified water and use the solution to eliminate bad breath.

4. It useful to deal with sunburn
During the summer season, sunburns are unavoidable, especially if you are exposed to the harsh sunlight for long periods. It can be painful and itchy to the extent that it causes some discomfort when you are in public. However, with peppermint oil, you can bring cooling to your skin, which will help the itching reduce.
After mixing a glass of water with two drops of peppermint oil, you can use cotton balls to apply it on the affected areas. You can use aloe vera juice, peppermint oil, and lavender oil. Ensure that the aloe vera juice and lavender oil are in equal proportion. You can place it in a refrigerator to cool it down so that it can more effectively deal with your sunburn.

5. To stimulate and give calmness to your mind
Many people find it difficult to focus on their assignments and various tasks in the workplace. From the research conducted by the Wheeling Jesuit University, peppermint aroma activates and stimulates our memory, attention, and reasoning.

6. To deal with menstrual problems
Menstrual cramps can be painful in some women, and peppermint can be beneficial in calming your pain. You can mix it with balm and rub it around your belly.

7. To deal with diarrhea
Many people experience irritable bowel syndrome-like nausea, constant bathroom visits, diarrhea, bloating, and other abdominal pains. According to the research, irritable bowel syndrome is usually experienced in one person in every five. Such a common condition needs something that can help deal with it.
Fortunately, peppermint is there to help with all conditions related to irritable bowel syndrome. According to the New York Times, peppermint can easily block the level of calcium production that causes diarrhea. Use peppermint with some warm water before taking it. Always consult with your family doctor before taking it.

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8. To keep mosquitoes away
Mosquitoes are kept away by the aroma of the essential oils. This will keep you and your family safe from diseases caused by these bugs. You can mix grapeseed oil with peppermint oil to form anti-bug spray that you need to apply on your skin when outdoors. You can also combine the peppermint oil with your favorite lotion.

9. Helpful in dealing with sinus and other respiratory infections
Breathing problems are common as a result of the flu and cold, especially during the winter season. The inflammation of the nasal passages and bronchial usually causes a restriction of air hence difficulties in breathing. Coughing can also be a result of inflammation and blockages. In this case, you can put a few drops of peppermint oil in a vaporizer or boil it with water and breathe in the vapor.

This vapor opens up nasal passages and your airways. You can also combine the chest rub with a few drops of peppermint oil and rub it around your chest. This can soothe your chest and open up your blocked trachea.

10. For radiant skin and hair
Peppermint oil is used in various cosmetics because of its effect on the skin. From a study, peppermint oil usually takes away chronic itching on your skin and dandruff in your hair. It causes your hair to grow thick and long.

11. It is helpful in toothache and headache
Peppermint oil has a cool refreshing that it gives to your mouth. If you have a toothache, this cool feeling that peppermint gives will calm your toothache. You can use almond oil and combine it with peppermint oil and apply it to the jawline and the back of your neck to deal with a headache.

12. To deal with muscle pains, nerve pains, joint conditions, and itchiness
If you are a victim of back pains, joints, and headaches, then peppermint could be your companion. Back pain is a common phenomenon among women and some men. You can use the topical salve/balm of peppermint to rub on aching muscles for light relief.
Peppermint oil is a great product that is beneficial to your health. However, not everyone should use this essential oil. People suffering from G6PD deficiency, those under medications, and underage kids, should not take peppermint oil. When you take peppermint oil in large doses, it will be toxic. Always ensure that you dilute the peppermint oil before taking it.

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