Work Out Smarter With These Five Tech Tools

tech tools to help you work out smarter.

5 Fitness Tools to Help You Workout Smarter

With the breathtaking growth of technology in the last decade, workout gadgets have seen a massive surge in demand. We now have a massive catalog of tools that performs numerous functions from tracking distance covered, calories burned, updating personal bests, to even making your workouts more enjoyable.

The tech market is full of workout gadgets. I have personally tried many of them and narrowed down to 5 superb tools that can enhance your workout experience.

Skulpt (Performance Training System)

This powerful device can measure your body fat and even the quantity of quality muscle that you possess, which allows a more comprehensive and all-round analysis of your physical condition.

The scanner can record body fat levels for twenty-four different parts of your body and allows users to understand which areas to concentrate on while working out properly. The Skulpt Scanner is compatible with both IOS and Android, and the application is even capable of making suggestions to enhance your workout.


This wearable will aid you in accelerating sports recovery and minor Injuries. You can wear Firefly behind your knees for any activity. It is free from leads or wires and is exceptionally portable. Whether on vacation or at the comforts of your home, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Once you attach Firefly, it supplies painless electrical impulses to activate the lower leg muscles and increase blood circulation.

Many athletes in the industry prefer Firefly. It has many benefits like reducing delayed onset muscle soreness after workouts, and also helping to recover from sprains, strains, and lowers swelling.

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That is a compelling and helpful workout accompaniment.

Powerdot (Electrical Muscle Stimulator)

People often neglect post-workout recovery ignoring the fatigue and soreness, which may cause severe injuries if left untreated, and this is why Powerdot was created.

This tiny and portable electric muscle stimulator soothes your aching joints and tired muscles, whether at home, office, or the gym. All you do is apply the Powerdot pads to those areas most affected and control the level of stimulation with your smartphone. The Powerdot app is compatible with IOS and Android, and can easily guide you through the entire process without any external assistance. It is user-friendly, and you should have no problems.

Powerdot is very helpful for keeping your body in optimal condition.

Under Armour ( Gemini 3)

These running shoes from Under Armour are state-of-the-art and are highly recommended for any workout activity. These solid shoes are built with its own tracker, so you do not have to bother adorning a wearable to track your progress.

Gemini 3 is one of the most futuristic running shoes you will ever slip your foot into. It possesses an accelerometer for recording your running metrics and even provides Bluetooth connectivity to save all your data into an app afterward.

Not just that, they are an excellent tool for pre-event training as they can engage you in a pre-run test and determine how ready your body is for the run.

The Gemini 3 from Under Armour is one of the most intelligent running shoes I have come across and, if you want high-tech shoes to accompany your routine, you can find no other. It saves you the trouble of adorning various fitness wearables as it undertakes numerous activities by itself. These shoes are meant not just for running!

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Ozmo Active (Smart Bottle)

Yes! You heard it right. They even have a smart bottle to enhance your work out sessions. Staying hydrated throughout your exercise routine is essential for achieving fruitful results. More often than not, many people forget to stay hydrated or do not drink adequately, which can impact your overall performance while exercising or competing.

The smart bottle from Ozmo wants to change this by tracking how much water you consume throughout the day, it then sends notifications for when its time for a drink.

This BPA free smart bottle also includes a rechargeable battery and supports Bluetooth allowing it to connect with your smartphone to monitor your hydration habits. The bottle even vibrates to remind you when its time for a sip.

This fitness tool aids you remarkably in your exercise routines. If you have the budget, I would recommend you to invest in any or all of them to reap the maximum benefits from your workouts. Fitness gadgets are not just a gimmick, and the right ones can only enhance your performance.

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