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Dieting Without Sacrifice

You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Favorite Foods To Lose Weight

Do you know one of the main reasons why it’s so tough to go on a diet? Well, one of the main reasons is because people feel a deep sense of sadness at the idea of having to give up their favorite foods. Take me, for instance. I love cookies. It would be tough for me to give them up.

Dieting Without SacrificeAnything that made me give them up, I would be very resistant to the change. I would imagine anyone who loves a particular food is going to feel the same way. You can go on a diet though, without, giving up your favorite foods. All you have to do is have a game plan. The following are two simple ways you can diet and still enjoy your favorite foods. Understand, though, that you nevertheless will have to make an effort to exercise control, in order for this plan to be effective.

Write down all the foods you like and then think carefully about each one

In many cases, if you’re reluctant to go on a diet because you don’t want to give up certain foods, then chances are there are one or two particular foods you can’t live without more than the rest. For instance, some people might be able to give up candy bars, but they can’t give up donuts. That is entirely understandable, and if this is what’s creating the resistance in you, then you need to do some careful thinking.

What you can do is write down all the foods you like to eat. Now you can determine which of these foods you can live without, or you can substitute for something better or just as good. For instance, if you love ice cream, there are all sorts of other substitutes for this that are way healthier. You have frozen pureed sweet potatoes, for instance, with several spices added. Then there are the foods you can find lighter versions of, instead of drinking soda, try consuming diet try something healthier such as lightly sweetened tea.

Come up with a portion control plan for the foods you like most

For you to be successful in dieting and not giving up the foods you like, the goal is going to be portion control. You have some people who can’t get enough of certain foods, and they gorge themselves. You can’t do this. To be successful with a diet, you have to control how much of these foods you consume. You also have to control when you’ eat them. Maybe you might decide it works for you to eat them during certain times of the week, for instance.

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Portion control is your single crucial weapon if you don’t want to sacrifice some of the foods you eat now to go on a diet. It’s going to take self-control, though. The ultimate goal of this approach is going to be for you to get away from eating certain foods altogether. By limiting how much unhealthy food you might be eating, it becomes easier for you to build self-control. Pretty soon you’ll find you don’t want to eat those foods at all.

Your ability to understand which foods you’re eating now that have the most control over you, and working a way around this is going to be vital. You don’t have to give them up, but you have to find a way to offset whatever negative effects they might be having on your diet. Think of it as earning your treats or at least having a healthy balance.

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