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4 Reasons You May Gain Weight

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Significant Reasons For Excessive Weight Gain And The Lifestyle Changes That Will Help In Weight Loss

Gaining excessive weight is a serious concern for any individual. It’s a continuing process, takes time, and does not happen overnight. There are several frustrating effects of weight gain. That fancy pair of jeans or the cool t-shirt might not fit anymore. Or worse yet, getting that chiseled jawline in that selfie might be impossible. You might be wondering that even though you are doing everything right, you are still gaining weight. Eating healthily and doing workouts is not the only thing. There are specific little tasks that you might be ignoring.

Four Reasons you maybe gain weight

  • Eating habits:

You might be eating all the healthy food and still gaining weight. Are overeating.? People tend to overindulge when they are not satisfied. Overeating, whether its fast food or healthy food, is a big reason for gaining excessive weight.

What you need to do is eat at regular intervals, intake your required amount of calories, and have a balanced diet. Consult a dietician. Many people tend to skip breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day, and overeat before going to sleep at night. Instead, have a substantial breakfast and eat a little at night.

  • Sleep Deprivation:

It is possible that stress leads to sleep deprivation, but the vice versa is equally valid. Many people choose to sleep less, thinking that they are saving time for their work, relationships, and family. But the truth is, avoiding a good sleep will harm all of that.

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Losing sleep affects your body and mind. Not getting at least 8 hours of sleep will force you to make decisions that are not good for you and your body.

  • Inactivity:

Spending nights on your smartphone, in front of the television, or playing that top-rated video game on your PlayStation is some of the habits that make you lazy and inactive. These are not bad habits and can help you in relaxing and for a little escape time.

But it shouldn’t become your lifestyle. Spending way too much time with technology is a sure way of falling prey to ailments. A simple solution is to spend more time outside. Play outdoor games, and if you don’t wish to join a gym, then a dance class is the best way to use the energy you have consumed. And if you don’t want to do any of those, then a simple morning walk or a jog can work wonders.

  • Medications:

It is a common myth that taking medications will lead to weight loss. It is correct in the cases of chronic diseases but false in the case of simple obesity or excessive weight.

Most of the medicines have side effects that may harm you more than helping you. Consume drugs only when recommended by a doctor.

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Lifestyles changes that you need to make

As mentioned before, an unhealthy lifestyle can be dangerous. You might start doing all of the above things, but there is always the temptation of skipping everything for one day. But remember, this may undo all the good work.

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Eating your favorite fast food, skipping exercise on a Sunday is acceptable. But try and refrain from making this a habit on the other weekdays.

Cut down your alcohol intake. It is not breaking the news that alcohol is bad for your health. Similarly, avoid smoking.

Late-night snacking is another habit that you need to quit. Moreover, you have to lessen the number of liquid calories.

Losing weight can be a frustrating task and requires a lot of patience and time. But following a strict schedule and lifestyle can be helpful for the long term.


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