The Best Way To Make Cold Brewed Tea

What to know about cold brewed tea

When it’s steamy hot during the summer, there is only one drink that can provide the crisp, cooling effect that we all crave for and want, its cold-brewed tea. In the world of social media trends, cold-brewed tea has been making waves in the beverage industry.

In almost every café in the United States have their unique blend depending on the taste and preference of its customers. Cold-brew tea is the perfect alternative to hot tea, bringing all the deliciousness of some of your favorite tea leaves. 

For some of us, we know how to make cold-brewed tea from the comforts of our home but some of us it’s still a mystery. In this post, we are going to highlight and discuss everything about cold-brewed tea.

Which kinds of teas are perfect for cold brew?  

According to a recent survey, unfermented tea is suitable for the cold brewing process. The freshness and aroma of fruit-infused, Yerba Mate, black, herbal and green profiles will remain intact after the brewing process, bringing out a sweet aroma and deliciousness.

How to make Cold Brewed Tea

Here is a simple process of how to make that natural sweetness of the brewed tea:

Selecting the tea

Both teas in either bagged form or loose-leaf works giving you the perfect taste and smell, it’s recommended that you try mixing various ranges of teas to create that perfect and unique blend

The tea and water ratio

To ensure you get the best flavor, it’s vital to measure the amount of water. For every cup of water, it’s recommended to add a tablespoon of loose-leaf or a single tea bag. Getting the right ratio is crucial to ensure you get an enjoyable experience.

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Flavor layering

When making cold-brewed tea, try different things, and get creative. You can explore different things by adding fresh fruits or herbs into your tea, giving it a whole new dimension and profile. Here are a few suggestions that you can try out.

·         Fresh juice and citrus fruits

·         Herbs such as ginger, basil, mint, thyme, and lemongrass (all thinly sliced)

·         Peaches and cubed mangoes

·         Berries. P.S they should be sliced to release the fresh juice

Stirring time

After a good stirring, you can put your brewed tea into the fridge from 12-24 hours and make sure it’s a sealed glass container. For those who love sweet tea, you can prepare a syrup infused with herbs.

Final touches

Add a strainer to your tea for re-usage by adding them with sweeteners maintaining its original taste.

What is the best method used in the preparation of cold brewed tea


Cold press method

For those who don’t want instant chilled tea, the cold press method is the most suitable. The cold press provided a more distinct flavor. The entire process is fast and brews a much stronger tea than the average cup that makes up for when it’s diluted with water and ice.

The cold press method generates different chemical reactions allowing consistency in the extraction of different flavors producing a sweeter and delightful drink — thereof options during preparation.

Tips for making the best cold brew tea

Use loose-leaf only

When making a cold brew or iced tea, loose-leaf is the best option. The quality of the leaf will result in better fruit infusion. Tea bags will produce a flat and tasteless drink. For best brewing, use an infuser that will contain the leaves.

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The stronger, the better

If you pour your beverage over ice, it will not only dilute your tea but also make it tasteless. During preparation, add a few extra grams or tablespoons, giving it a potent and concentrated taste.

Optimum temperature is important 

When you are infusing your tea in hot water, you’ll need to know a few pointers on water temperature, especially if it’s white or green tea.

Infusion using hot water will release all the ingredients and the bitter elements of the tea, here are a list of teas and their temperatures that you should always adhere to:

·         Black tea – 95 to 100 °C

·         White tea – 65°C

·         Oolong tea – 85°C

·         Yellow tea – 80°C

Blending ingredients that go with brewed tea

With cold brewed tea, let your imaginations run wild, play around with all the ingredients to find the right infusion and mix that works for you. Here are some of the ingredients that are worth a try.

·         Honey, sweetening option

·         Edible flowers

·         Muddled berries

·         Lavender Rosemary

·         Cucumber

·         Plum, diced peach, nectarine

·         Muddled herbs


The cold-brewed tea is the go-to beverage for those always on the run; in the above article, we have discussed everything that you need to know to make one killer beverage. Enjoy!

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