Liquid Calories : How They Help You Lose Weight

The word “calories” has a negative ring for most of us. We usually make a connection with weight issues, obesity, and all the problems that come with them. The truth is that our perception of the word couldn’t be farther from the truth. A calorie is nothing more than an energy measure that our body needs to keep going.

We burn calories with every single physical activity we do. Even something as basic as typing will consume the energy of your body. Intense work out burn calories by the hundreds of units and they should be replenished as soon as possible so we can keep functioning normally. We take back some of these calories in almost every meal we have, that’s why it’s essential to get them under control.

The Truth about Calories

Calories by itself are not a bad thing. They are present in all the food we eat, but most of what we have in our diets also has all the nutrients we need to keep our daily routines. The power to make the right choices and keep the balance between nutrients and calories is on our side. A balanced diet will even out the consumption of calories so we can have what we need without putting our health at risk.

As it happens with meals, drinks also play a significant role in the number of calories that adds to our bodies. Even water adds something to our system even if it doesn’t have any calories at all. The rest of the beverages we consume have calories on them, and they increase if the liquid is sugary or specially flavored. So as you can imagine, choosing the right juices to drink with meals and between them, it’s also a pretty big deal. 

Taking Notice of Liquid Calories

One of the most common mistakes done by people who are aiming to lose weight is not taking notice of the drinks they have. Liquid calories can add up pretty fast and stop all the progress you have made in your weight loss efforts. Being unaware of this fact is an ongoing source of frustration for many people following a strict diet.

Many people don’t take notice of this issue because drinking calories do not satisfy our hunger in the same way a substantial meal does. Plus there is also the fact that our system releases liquid waste quicker than it does through digestion. Hence most of us believe that taking multiple soft drinks it’s not harmful at all. The hard facts are that liquid calories contribute to weight issues and provide no nutrition to your body, so they are more trouble than they are worth. 

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The Hiding Spots of Liquid Calories

Calories hide in plain sight, and we fail to see them every single time. That happens because the marketing efforts of all these companies do their best to sell their products as “healthy” even if they are not. One single diet soda has over 150 calories per serving and enough sugar to throw off any weight loss effort in a matter of seconds. 

Then we have most alcoholic beverages. Most beers, wines, and other liquors average 125 to 150 calories in a single glass. If you are a fan of cocktails, we also have bad news for you: all the syrups and juices added to your drink to make it tastier have their caloric intake as well. The largest margaritas could have as much as 500 calories on a single serving.

Last but not least, we have the most recurring source of frustration for many people: sports and energy drinks. For all we care, we could refer to them as the hidden enemy among people looking to lose weight. Even the lighter brands can add 30 calories to our bodies in a single sip. Most of these drinks contain too much sodium and sugar in their recipes to be healthy options at all. 

Going Healthy for Real – The Best Option for Low-Calorie Liquids

As we mentioned earlier, a well-strategized diet includes drinks options. Liquids contribute to our caloric intake, and they should be regulated with the same discipline as food. Even the most sugary liquids can have a place in any diet as long as it is not consumed in excess. Moderation is the best secret to handle our consumption. The following are the best options on low-calorie liquids:

·       Spring Water

The worst kept secret about low-calorie liquids is the consumption of water. It’s a true and tried method that can help us regulate our metabolism and keeps us hydrated. Most doctors recommend drinking eight glasses a day. If you don’t have time or patience to keep track of how much water you drink, keep a jug of 1.5 liters with you at all times. If you drink the whole content of it at least twice a day, you are on the right track.

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·       Carbonated Flavored Water

If you have a soda addiction, the best way to deal with it is by making the switch to a healthier facsimile. Swapping regular sodas for water in a single take will fire back at you in the short run. The best way to overcome the anxiety of drinking soda is by consuming carbonated water. It’s a much healthier option than sodas, and it has a low caloric intake. At least low than your average soda.

·       Fresh Fruit Juices

If you crave processed juices, the best way to regulate their consumption is by making the switch for the real thing. Freshly squeezed juice tastes as good, if not better than your average boxed juice without all the sugar and sodium as well as the excessive calories of processed options. Keep in mind that natural fruit juices do not need sugar to be prepared since most fruits are naturally sweet.

·       Infusions

This is probably the easiest way to get flavored water without spending money on processed products. You need to take a dash of herbs or fruits of your choice and get them in water for half a day to make an infusion. There are a lot of combinations that can be done here, and most of them are healthy as long as you keep sugars away from them. If you don’t have the slightest idea about infusions, ask a nutritionist. They always recommend a combination of fruit and herbs that can suit your organism better. 

Benefits of Choosing the Right Liquids to Regulate our Caloric Intake

By choosing the right liquids for your diet, you will boost your active lifestyle. You will increase your levels of stamina to be able to do physical exercise. You will also keep your body hydrated at all moments, something great to keep your muscles and joints working as they should. You will also avoid fatigue, and you won’t be stuck in your progress as you manage to do more as you lose weight. As you can see, liquid awareness in your diets pays off well if you can manage to keep track of it.

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