Mystery Behind The Two Halves of Our Brain

Just like the heart, the brain is one of the complicated organs in a human body that controls most of the activities we do. The human brain has evolved to have the two hemispheres, and scientists believe that these two halves have significant benefits to the general functioning of the human body.

Scientists have known that the human brain has two halves where the left controls our language and general speech while emotions and ability to recognize faces is the responsibility of the right half. That could not be far from the truth but there is more depth into this than what is presented. In this article, you will know why the brain has two halves.

1. For cooling and growth
Your brain typically uses the power of over 20 watts whenever one is thinking. That’s why there is a great need for having a vast surface area. This surface area has been achieved through the splitting into two halves. If the brain could be in one integrated structure, there could be issues, and it would get warmer inside, which would result in some critical mental conditions.

2. To enable you to perform multiple tasks
That is something the monolithic brain cannot do. The brain is responsible for performing complex tasks, and the two halves make it easier to perform multiple and diverse tasks at once because of the “division of labor” of the two halves. If one part is responsible for something like speech, then the other one will be free to perform another task like recognizing faces.

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According to a report by neuroscientists that was published on Medical Journal Neuron, clearly shown that the two halves enable the brain to carry out diverse multi-tasks that manifest itself in our ability to recognize faces, speak, maintain the balance, and know the objects.

3. To develop cognitive skills
Cognitive skills usually demand more accuracy in brain functioning. With the two halves, a person can develop some reading skills and have a high verbal IQ. That is what makes humans smarter than other animals. However, this asymmetrical brain nature is not just in humans. It is also visible to some honeybees, worms, rats, chickens, and some small birds among others.

Many have said that the right halve of the brain is more creative and artistic. It is involved in creativity, imagination, holistic thoughts, 3-D forms, intuition, music awareness, and usually controls the left side of your body. The left hemisphere of your brain usually controls the right side of your body and is involved more in relevant matters. It is active in analytical thoughts, reasoning, numbers, sciences, and numeric knowledge.

4. To give you the balance and the coordination you need
Without your brain functioning normally, you may not feel the world as you do. There could be an imbalance if there were no harmony between the two halves. This should tell you that the two halves are not split as they are viewed. They are connected with a cluster of millions of neural fibers that are known as the corpus callosum. This neural fiber is essential in sharing the information and process between the two parts. If there is a collapse of the corpus callosum, we could be confused and uncoordinated.

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The above are some of the reasons why your brain has two halves. Your body could not function normally if your brain did not have the two halves. In some situations, when you’re undergoing surgery, your corpus callosum may be injured, and this will make the patient lose alignment and memory. It becomes difficult for them to recognize even the simplest activities. Your brain is a critical part of your body that you cannot do without hence the need for protecting and taking good care of it. Whether it is your right or left hemisphere that is working, the fact remains that your brain is a critical part of your body.

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