Drinking Safely Tips

Drinking Safely TipsA Quick Guide to Drink Safely

A lot of people will say that drinking without a care in the world is the best part of turning 21. Admittedly, drinking can be a lot of fun as long as you do it responsibly.

The consumption of alcohol to celebrate even the little things is one of the oldest rituals of human beings on this earth. But having too much to drink can lead to some severe problems such as accidents, embarrassments, injuries, or long-term health problems. This is what you need to know if you want to drink safely when you go out:

Take the Time to Know the Alcohol you like

Would you believe that alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle? Most people are unaware of that fact. According to science, you can have two drinks a day without repercussions in your body in the long run. If you are celebrating, you shouldn’t have more than four drinks in a single night.

A regular drink contains ten grams of ethanol, and the human body is designed to process that amount in a single hour. Most people can handle that, but there are individual factors on every person that will dictate how much alcohol they can withstand, such as weight, age, gender, etc.

Above the physical traits required to have a drink, alcohol is also a thing of affinity. Women certainly feel better by drinking soft flavored cocktails that pack a punch such as appletinis and daiquiris. Man can handle beer and single malt liquor with no problem. Take the time to learn what you like and then drink only the things you can handle the best.

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Take a Bite before Drinking and as You Enjoy your Drinks

Alcohol has full access to your body via the bloodstream and your stomach. If you go to drink on an empty stomach, the alcohol will quickly overtake your central nervous system. The best thing you can do before going out for a drink is eating something. A full meal would be preferable, but a snack will do the trick as well. You can also drink plenty of water to have the same effect. It’s also a great idea to partake in little snacks as you drink since the food will absorb the alcohol instead of your bloodstream.

Try to Avoid Drinking Games and Shot Rounds

Binge drinking is never a good idea. It doesn’t matter how young you are, or how much you believe you can handle your liquor. There is an excellent chance of you making a fool out of yourself if you have four straight drinks and keep on going without a care in the world. You may want to live the experience a couple of times, but we are willing to bet big money on the fact that you don’t like to feel hungover because no one really likes it.

By overdrinking, you can also experience alcohol poisoning, and while it will not kill you, it will take the joy out of drinking for quite some time. We are not telling you to be a party pooper, but you can be the laid back guy who laughs at others getting wasted as you enjoy your drinks at your own pace. You will have a better time than most of the guys and girls losing their heads after a couple of drinks.

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Keep the Count of Your Drinks

It’s pretty easy to lose track of how much you are drinking when you are having fun, but it’s important to be mindful of this, especially if you are designated driver or if you don’t want to feel hungover the next day.

Place a limit on the number of drinks you will have, try not to participate in round drinking and don’t mix over the contents of your drinks. If you plan to have a couple of beers, try to stick to the plan. Mixing alcohol rarely goes well for anybody.

Never Drink and Drive

That is the oldest rule in the book and the one you should abide by for the rest of your natural life. There is a universal measure of alcohol you can have in your system in most countries. Most police officers can measure it with technology that you should be familiar with by now. If you have a blood alcohol concentration that goes above 0.05, you will be detained. If you go out with friends and you are the designated driver, the best strategy is not to drink. And if you catch the designated driver of the party drinking, take the keys away from him.

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