10 Things A Nurse Won’t Tell You About

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We can all agree that nurses are very crucial to our healthcare system, especially in the 21st century. Behind all those friendly faces, nurses undergo a lot of pressures and let’s face it we’re all human, and at the time we may crack under pressure. 

Nurses attend to our needs no matter the time of the day sometimes for even 24 hours. They perform some of the most gruesome medical care without flinching they are the real heroes, in hospitals, they are eyes and ears of everything and truly are the best secret keepers as they hear almost everything from patients, their families and even doctors. 

Here we are going to highlight and discuss some of the top 10 secrets your nurse only knows and they are keeping it from you. Don’t dare move a muscle; it’s going to be quite a ride.

1.  Administering medication is a pain in the ass

Giving out medication are some of the functions that nurses do, well for some of us we think giving injections and pills is a simple and easy task; it’s quite the opposite. Giving out medicines is a tedious and time-consuming process.

Contrary to the popular stereotype, nurses don’t go to the shelves or drawers and pick out any bottle. They have to adhere to the doctor’s prescription and medication and ensure they give out the right amount and check the patient’s allergies or side effects to certain medications.

In case of any complications, they have to page the doctor or make a call on how to proceed, rush to the pharmacy if they are unavailable. Giving medicine isn’t as easy as they make it seem, but nurses make it look like a piece of cake.

2.  She is tired or exhausted   

On many occasions a nurse will never tell you that she is tired and exhausted they are, you may look at them and tell her she seems tired, but her response will always be just a little or am getting off work in a few minutes.

One thing that she won’t tell you is the pressures that come with the job or the constant shifts throughout the year that has worn them out. They keep it to themselves while offering the best and the utmost care, its indeed a struggle.

3.  Passing away of other patients

In most intensive care units, a nurse is usually in the patient’s room if not right outside the door or by the bedside. If you beep your nurse or search for her around the hallways and not find her, its mostly because she might be busy elsewhere, especially if they are attending to patients in the intensive care unit.

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When she comes back you might notice she is a bit shocked or withdrawn, she might seem weird and keep double-checking everything in most cases her patient might have passed away, but they won’t reveal it to you and how heartbroken she is.

What she will do is to make sure that you are well taken care of, whatever you might need will be fully catered for so that she doesn’t have to cope with a second death that would devastate her.

4.  That she is sick or not feeling well

You might notice that your nurse is sneezing or coughing but most occasions you won’t hear a thing about it. Unless it’s contagious, she won’t show up for work, but most times if it’s not serious, she will always show up to work and on time.

As patients, we always complain about where we are feeling pain or discomfort, but for nurses, you will never hear them talk about how their back is aching their headaches or even chronic pain.

We all know that nurses are some of the worst patients, and on many occasions, they neglect themselves, but one thing is for sure they will never neglect or abandon their duties.

5.  That you resemble or remind them of a close relative or family member

Your nurse may have a close family member or friend fighting the same ailment just like you. They might also have parents, friends, and family fighting terminal diseases or have been involved in bad accidents.

More than once those patients may have a striking resemblance to their close ones; it might remind them of the pain and suffering their loved one is going through, but they won’t even utter a word about it.

6.  Your nurse will always go all out for you

On most occasions, your nurse will always fight tooth and nail for you even if it’s their superiors and health care professionals when the need arises. They will argue out their case present all the facts and show them what is best for you. 

They have your best interest at heart, but they will never disclose what they have done for you.

7.  One of their family members is ill

One of the many perils that come with being a nurse is the fact that you cannot leave your job at any given time no matter the emergency. The primary role of nurses is to offer care even if their spouse or kids are sick.

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However, you will never hear nurses saying how they take care of their sick child or parent, and they are exhausted as a result. They will always act and make you feel that you are their primary concern.

8.  How scared they are when things are deteriorating  

When it comes to matters to medicine, recovery may not go as planned, and a patient may have a near-death experience. Doctors and nurses are always championing and rooting for your recovery, and when everything takes a worse turn, they will always be anxious and worry about you.

After a positive turn and you start feeling better, she might explain how close you were to dying, but they will not tell you about how worried they were just at the thought that you might not pull through.

9.  They always think about you even after their shift ends 

Nurses always take their jobs seriously, but they are also human, and they form bonds/attachments to their patients. It may not come as a surprise that even if they are off duty, they will always call to check on you and how you are fairing on.

Some may disclose to their patients how they are thinking and always pray about them, but for others, they will not disclose this information. When they reveal such sentiments, they usually mean it and not just some empty words.

10.    They may bend some rules for you

A nurse may go against the rules to provide the utmost comfort and care to you. If you ask something from them, they will always reply ‘no’ or ‘let me see what I can do,’ but they will never go against the doctor’s or hospital’s rules.

They know and understand that some rules can be bent to provide the best care and make their patients happy.

Final words 

Nurses hold a great deal of secrecy, underlining their professionalism. On the outside they may seem cold and strict but deep inside they are soft, tender and understanding; they are the best secret keepers, and often we don’t get to see that side of them. We should always respect and appreciate them.

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