Signs You Need To Detox Your Liver

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These are the Signs That Indicate that you need a Liver Detox

The way science works are genuinely mysterious, sometimes. The product of endless hours of research has given humanity a lot to make our lives easier. Somehow it also has come up with some very toxic elements that go through our bodies in the most unimaginable forms.

The human organism works like a self-cleaning system, but it’s not a perfect one by any means. The liver is the first line of defense against any poison that comes inside our body. Think of it as the biggest and most complex filter you can find on a living being.

Our kidneys, lungs, and even our skin do the same type of job at lesser degrees. Our liver is the one dealing with things such as food additives, pesticides, chemicals in our processed medicines, fluor in the water, and many other poisons that find their way into our system every day.

Why is the Liver so Important?

As we mentioned earlier, the liver plays a vital role in our lives. Is one of the most significant organs in our bodies and it works 24/7 converting all the nutrients from anything we consume, even from a sip of water? The liver also processes a lot of the chemicals that our body generates naturally to keep it working as it should.

The human liver also acts as a regulator of hormones on the entire body. The organ can process even the most toxic toxins while keeping our body working at the best health possible. As you can imagine from all this, maintaining a healthy liver is as necessary as breathing. The good news is that we can help out our liver’s health by detoxifying our body. 

These are the Signs That You Need a Liver Detox

A failing liver is identified by experiencing one or a few of the following symptoms

·       Your Skin Looks Different

You should take notice of your skin every single day after you wake up after a night of sleep. Any sudden changes to your skin hue will be noticeable first thing in the morning since your body is well-rested. If you happen to notice a hint of yellow, itches, dryness, or even dark spots, your liver is not getting rid of the toxins as it should  

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·       You Get Confused Easily, and It Becomes Hard to Learn New Things

The liver filters the blood pumping through your body at all moments. If this process is interrupted, the toxins of your blood flow will build up and find their way to your brain. This creates a condition known as “hepatic encephalopathy.” The most common symptom is ongoing confusion, difficulty to make decisions, and the loss of our cognitive memory to remember basic things.

·       You Experience Bloating in Your Abdomen

Excessive cramping and pain in your lower abdomen, as well as passing excessive gas are early signs of liver problems. Most of these issues happen because we develop a condition named “ascites,” which is nothing more than a build-up of fluids that occurs in the lining of the abdomen and the organs.

·       Your Urine Turns Darker

This symphony is almost self-explanatory. If you happen to notice that your urine has turned darker and smells stronger, it’s time to make a doctor appointment and get your liver checked.

·       Chronic Fatigue

If you feel tired all the time, this is one of the most evident signs of liver problems. It’s mostly your liver asking for help because it’s overworked trying to pass all the toxins stored in your body. 

·       Weight Inconsistencies

A liver that is not working correctly is unable to metabolize fat the way it should be. These issues become noticeable either because your body is unable to lose weight or because you start to get fat in ways that you have never experienced.

·       Depression

The numbers of toxins that can be processed by our liver affect the human systems in every regard. Our mood swings are not the exception. If you notice that you are experiencing feelings of unease that are alien to you such as anger, anxiety, and depression, these are a signal that your liver is not working as it should.

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·       Lack of Nutrients

The human liver converts all the nutrients contained in the food we eat into the chemicals our body needs to keep working. If the liver struggles to make these nutrients bio-available, we won’t be able to absorb them properly. This will lead to several issues such as deficiencies in Vitamin D, Iron, and Magnesium. Keep in mind that this can affect you even if you have a balanced diet. 

·       Cholesterol

The liver also keeps the fat of our body in check, but it can’t regulate fat levels. If you don’t eat properly, you will have unbalanced cholesterol, with triglycerides and lousy LDL cholesterol going up and wreaking havoc on your health. This can also lead to other problems such as heart attacks or strokes.  

·       Bad Digestion

The liver is a producer of bile, an acidic alkaline that helps with digestion processes. When the liver is not working as it should, it will produce less bile, and that means poor digestion for every meal we have. Those that include hard toxins such as fats or alcohol will prove a challenge for our digestive system. 

·       Deficiencies on the Immune System

It may be hard to grasp this fact. If you get sick too frequently with meager infections such as the flu, you probably have liver issues and need a detox. The liver can handle a lot of viruses and bacteria by rendering them useless in combination with our white cells. If your body is not processing its Vitamin intake the way it should, you have an immunity problem.

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