Reasons to Add Superfoods to Your Diet

Reasons to Add Superfoods to Your Diet

Need Reasons to Add Superfoods to Your Diet? – Here you Have Them

Getting the right nutrients to ensure our survival has been one of the rockiest roads humanity has ever faced. Medical research on this topic is ongoing, and it keeps changing the spectrum of our preconceived perceptions every single day.

You probably have noticed this each time a news outlet publishes a new study revealing the benefits or the disadvantages of consuming certain foods. Over the years, we have seen how the myths related to the consumption of certain products have been debunked.

These changes will keep coming. The best we can do on our end is to adapt our eating habits to the most nutritious foods we can find to care for our health and make the most of them to extend our lives. Diets and regimes will never really go away, but we can shape our diets using the best nature can offer.

Superfoods Are in the Picture – What do we do About It?

A lot of scientists and diet gurus have been promoting the notion of “superfoods” for quite some time now. Many medical professionals are using a list of certain foods that cover a broad spectrum of needs in the human body to label them as “superfoods.” That is done to get people to consume them as they pursue healthier eating habits.

If you handle some research on your own, you are likely to find a few lists of “superfoods,” and all of them look very different from each other. This happens because there are no clear criteria about what is or not a superfood is. One thing is consistent among the many options found online. The foods on these lists have a high density of nutrients, minerals, vitamins to help us keep our bodies in good health.

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Superfoods are called that because they do one thing in your body: they offer an immense amount of nutrients if they are prepared correctly. Some of the most popular options, including on these lists are fat-rich fishes such as Salmon. Most variations of berries, as well as other fiber-rich fruits, are included as well. Green vegetables such as kale, quinoa, and broccoli are included as well. On the side of drinks, green tea seems to make the cut with almost everyone as a superfood.

This is What Superfoods do For You

Not everything can be a superfood. The main requirement for superfoods to make the cut on the lists of medical professionals is the number of nutrients it can offer to the human body in a single serving. A superfood is synonymous with good health even in raw form. For most medical professionals, the best superfoods are the ones that offer three essential elements in a single go: antioxidants, sulforaphane, and anti-inflammatory fats. Let’s break down what each of these elements does for you.

Antioxidants are present in almost everything we eat, but they have an extended reach over most green vegetables or veggie-based products. Antioxidants are hard at work in the human body at all times to reduce damaged cells. Most of them are caused by free radicals and the oxygen that keeps us alive. To this date, one of the best sources of antioxidants is certain brews of Coffee and Green tea. If you consume them regularly, you’re in the clear on this regard.

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Sulforaphane is a component that gets produced in our body after we eat green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and others. These superfoods are also regarded as great supports for medical treatments, certain illnesses such as osteoarthritis, skin rashes, and in the prevention of cancers. Sulforaphane is responsible for the flavor of most green vegetables, and it’s important to include them on any diet.

Anti-inflammatory fats are found mostly in animal protein, but it can also be found in fruits and nuts such as tomatoes, avocados, and roasted peanuts. As the name implies, these are foods that can help you treat inflammation-related diseases. Most of these foods can help you deal with mental medical conditions, such as depression and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Improving your Health with Basic Superfoods

If you have no idea about Superfoods, but you want to consume some of them, we can recommend a few items to cook and combine as you see fit. While healthy methods are preferred to prepare these food products, you can have them as you please as long as it is not a with a dish of fried foods. Try some of the following products and serve them across five meals a day (three main meals and two snack times)

• Blueberries as a substitute for processed sugars treats
• Broccoli, Spinach, Kale to make salads
• Green tea as your drink of choice
• Legumes as sides for servings of proteins
• Quinoa as a substitute for rice
• Salmon or Tuna
• Roasted nuts

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