3 Simple Ways to Relieve Gas Naturally

According to a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, most people usually pass approximately 1-3 pints of gas every day. Well, although people get embarrassed because of the gas, it is a natural thing that occurs in every human being. It is a natural way of relieving yourself from the many complications that come along with having a bloated tummy.

3 Simple Ways to Relieve Gas Naturally

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Gas has made many uncomfortable and to some extent caused a lot of pain, especially when it is not released. Most people have had experience with excessive gas, but some people have suffered more than others as a result of this. Nevertheless, you can say goodbye to this discomfort by merely changing your diet even without using some medications.

According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 10 to 20% of adults have had complaints with digestion and flatulence, but some felt embarrassed to let the health-care provider know. You can minimize gas and its discomfort by observing your eating and dietary habits. But what causes gas?

Causes of excessive gas

Medical practitioners say that an average person should emit flatus for approximately 12-25 times daily. So that should tell you that gas is not necessarily an abnormality or a sign that you are sick. We usually expel these gas in some ways like burping, flatus or abdominal bloating. If the gas is in excess, you may experience some pain when expelling the gas. Sometimes, you will expel it in all the three ways interchangeably. Here are some of the causes of gas:

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Swallowed air – One of the reasons why you are told to observe table manners could be this one. Talking while eating makes you take some air into your stomach. When it stays for a prolonged period, you usually release it using belching. When the colon has some air in it, you typically experience bloating. This intestinal gas is generally made up of carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, and nitrogen. However, this may change depending on the food taken. This composition is the one that causes an unpleasant smell.

Bacterial fermentation – There are fungi, yeasts, and some bacteria that are used in further breakdown of food that was not digested in the small intestine. These bacteria usually work on carbohydrates, and in the process, fermentation occurs, leading to the production of gases like methane and hydrogen.

Eating habits – Some habits like drinking while eating can easily cause gas. Other practices you should avoid are: drinking scorching hot beverages, using a straw, smoking, eating when you are already upset, deep sighing, wearing tight clothes, overeating, chewing gums, talking while eating, and chewing tobacco among others.

Taking some foods – This is one of the major culprits that cause bloating and excessive gas. Some people are sensitive to lactose in dairy products or raffinose in beans. You should try to avoid some foods like carbonated beverages, cabbage, beans, onions, spicy foods, apple juice, dried fruits, fatty foods, and some fried foods.

How to relieve gas?

1. Adopting better eating habits

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A.    Chewing your food properly
B.    Eating slowly
C.    Drinking  moderately warm beverages
D.   Sitting upright when eating
E.    Taking a walk after eating
F.    Consuming smaller amounts of meals

As you know, high-fiber foods contain a high level of carbohydrates that are needed by your body. Unfortunately, they are great culprits of building up gas. So it is best to work on your diet and know which fiber food affects you. You should then be taking it moderately.

2. Taking herbs

Herbs that contain carminative properties can quickly help you ease gas from your tummy. According to the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Studies journal, ginger usually speeds up digestion. Other herbs you can use include: spearmint, cumin, peppermint, basil, dill, caraway, and Chamomile among others.

3. Taking foods with probiotics

One thing you need to avoid to release gas is avoiding stress. Stress has a tendency to cause spasms in the colon that eventually builds up gas, which causes abdominal discomfort. Although excess gas is natural, whenever, it is not eliminated by taking the right diet, probiotics, and good eating habits, then you should see your family doctor.

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