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Overfat Weight-Related Health Issues

Overfat is one of those terms that get thrown about quite a bit recently. People can’t stop talking about it. Suddenly nobody cares about obese and overweight, and all the attention is directed towards that – overfat. Here’s why.

The basis of overfat

According to Paul Laursen’s extensive study, conducted in the top thirty most developed countries, there are more overfat people than there are overweight and obese people worldwide. If that wasn’t shocking enough, the study concluded that almost 90% of US males and 80% of US females fall in the category of overfat.

According to the criteria for overfat, even people that look fit and slim can be classified as such. That alone can seem like overstretching or even over-diagnosing. But not according to Paul Larsen, who appears confident in his claims and findings. He says that overfat is a quite better measure than the BMI model and can be a better pointer for life-expectancy and overall health.

The risks of being overfat

The risks of being overfat are considerable, and researchers concur that they can all lead to widespread health conditions. Some of the most notable conditions include the risk of getting diabetes, heart diseases, elevated blood pressure, and so on. It is a quite long and scary list.

Why is abdominal fat (belly fat) so bad?

Abdominal fat is in the center of it all and is considered the most dangerous type of fat one can have. Unlike the love handles, the fat in the stomach tends to grow inside the body, and it wraps itself around vital organs.

For example, the liver tends to borrow from this fat and turn it into cholesterol that can find its way into the arteries. Once it gets there, it begins to harden, which can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.

This deep belly fat layer can also lead to being insulin-resistant, which in turn gets you to type 2 diabetes. The deep belly fat layer can also trigger inflammation, and that is associated with chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

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Furthermore, excess belly fat can increase glucose levels, which can affect your muscle mass. You can’t have a healthy heart without good muscle.

That is why it doesn’t matter if you are skinny, and your BMI score is good. Excess belly fat is more important than that, and there is no better health indicator.

How to check if you are overfat?

The BMI scale might suggest you are not overweight, but as mentioned above, that’s not the same as overfat. Overfat is different, and the BMI scale can’t indicate that. Instead, what you need to focus on is your waist. If your waist measures more than half your height, then you are overfat.

Besides, you can determine this with hydrostatic weighing and DEXA scans. They are very accurate and can tell the exact body fat. However, at the same time, they can be quite expensive and not easy to come by. Therefore, the measurement type is more than enough to help you find out whether you are overfat or not.

Another way of checking if you are overfat is by the use of at-home scales. The scale will analyze your body composition through a bioelectrical impedance. It measures how slow or fast a current will pass through the fat and muscle. To accurately measure if you are overfat or not do this several times.

The battle against being overfat

The struggle against being overfat doesn’t start in the gym, but primarily in the kitchen. It is more about what we eat than anything else. It’s not that exercising doesn’t matter; it matters, and everyone should be as active as possible.

You might be a beast in the gym and all that, but that doesn’t mean you are not overfat. All the exercising in the world won’t matter if you come home and eat anything you could get your hands on.

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So you need to go on a diet if you are genuinely interested in not being overfat.

The diet

There is no particular diet that addresses belly fat exclusively, nor there such a thing as targeted weight reduction. When you are on a diet, you lose weight from all over the body, not just from one part.

Which diet suits you most is something that you need to decide on your own. Whether you opt for ketogenic, paleo, or something else, the goal is to lose the excess belly fat. If you can’t decide what works for you best, then consult with a dietitian that can make you a diet plan based on your particular situation. The more difficult part is following through the plan and getting to the touchline.

Of course, once you get there, you need to make sure you stay like that and don’t get that belly back to its state.

In conclusion
Being overfat is a severe condition, one that can easily go under the radar. Ignoring it can be a costly mistake, a big gamble with your wellbeing and even your life. Around the world, 76 percent of people are overfat and suffering from severe health problems.

Dealing with it is something that requires a strong will for change and a goal-oriented mindset.

What matters most is that you make lifestyle changes, changes that you need to turn into a lifelong habit, and that will become an integral part of your living. They will help you live a better, healthier, and more productive life.

Still, there will be risks of diseases, but the risks will be significantly lower compared to overfat people. In the end, it is a simple choice you need to make. You have to find the strength to do it.


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