Easily Make Herbal Liquid Soap From Home

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A lot of people have become skeptical of conventional soap. They realize that manufacturers may utilize certain chemicals that could do more harm than good. Many antibacterial soaps contain triclosan, That is is why people are making the switch to natural alternatives. Instead of buying, a lot of people are making their herbal liquid soap, and it has proven to be very productive. If you’re interested in making your herbal liquid soap from home, you’ll want to follow the guide below.

Starts with Essential Oils

Before doing anything, you’ll need to acquire some essential oils. With the right oils, you’ll be able to create a soap that smells delicious. Plus, the soap will possess all of the cleansing power that you would expect from conventional soap. The only difference is that you made it so you won’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals. It is wise to experiment a little with the different essential oils. That will help you discover the one you prefer the most.

Basic Recipe

Ultimately, you’re going to need a few items before you can get started. Below, you will find a list of items required. Remember that you can switch out the essential oils for the ones that you prefer.

So look at our recipes and create your own beautiful liquid plant-based hand soap.


  • At least 2 cups of distilled water
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of liquid Castile soap
  • A bottle of clove essential oil
  • Some cinnamon leaf essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Orange or grapefruit essential oil
  • To make the soap more moisturizing, you should use two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin
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Once you’ve acquired everything you need, it is time to get started.

Getting Started

Now, you’ll want to take a small bowl. Inside of that bowl, you should mix the glycerin, distilled water, and Castile soap. In the other bowl, you will need to combine all of the essential oils. Be sure to mix them thoroughly. Finally, it is time to combine all of the ingredients. Again, be sure to stir. Do so gently and make sure that you’re creating many bubbles. That confirms your soap is going to come out spectacular in the end.

Funnel-It out

Now, you’ll want to fill your dispensers with the mixture. To do that, you’ll want to take a funnel, place the small end down into the dispenser. Pour the mixture into the funnel, and it’ll seep into the dispenser bottle. Depending on the size of your dispenser, you’ll probably need two of them. After that, you’re finished. You can begin using your soap right away. However, it is generally a good idea to test it out first.

Testing Your Creation

You just never know what could go wrong. With that being said, you should be extremely cautious. Before using the soap with full confidence, you should experiment with it first. Apply a small amount to your hand and see what happens. If everything works out fine, there is a good chance that you can use the soap everywhere without any issues. Never use the soap immediately after use. This is vital for children and people who have sensitive skin. After all, you never know how your skin is going to react to the chemicals.

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Ultimately, making your own liquid soap is undoubtedly a good idea. Nevertheless, you need to remember that things could go wrong. After all, some people have allergic reactions to certain types of chemicals. This could be true for essential oils too. With that being said, it is best to take precautions. Doing so will ensure that your experiment does not result in skin irritation. Either way, making and using your own herbal liquid soap is a good idea.

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