Bee Propolis Effective At Slowing Spread Of Colon Cancer

Science Has Figured Out that Bee Propolis Is Great to Slow Down the Spread of Colon Cancer – We Share With You Their Findings

Propolis is a substance created by bees. It’s essentially a combination of bee wax and their saliva, along with the many elements they gather from nature.

Bees use propolis to seal the cracks and gaps they find on their beehives. Humanity has been aware of the existence of propolis for quite some time now. Ancient civilizations have used the mixture to treat wounds and alleviate itches, as well as getting rid of specific skin ailments. It has also been used to treat chest infections.

Scientific research from various sources now seems to indicate that propolis has several medicinal properties such as antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects. On top of all these benefits, the substance also seems to have incredible anti-cancer properties that can help in the recovery process of this illness. 

How Can Bee Propolis Help With Colon Cancer Specifically?

Colon Cancer is currently ranked worldwide as the third-highest type of cancer, affecting one in twenty people across the globe. Given the location of the illness (in the lower part of the abdomen), treatment for it is one of the most difficult to endure even if it’s detected on time.

Many scientists have been conducting all forms of studies, searching for healthier and safer ways to treat colon cancer. Chemotherapy is still the primary treatment of choice by many oncologists, but it also has the most ruthless side effects on any organism. A breakthrough was made recently when a compound named “Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester” (CAPE), was to be found in bee propolis. 

These findings have also revealed that CAPE contains a natural organic compound named polyphenol. This chemical is in many plants, but the most reliable mix is obtained out of propolis reserves on beehives. Polyphenol is an antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. It also possesses cytotoxic properties that can be used to treat cancer cells in the colon and breast as well.

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The good news is that polyphenol is a natural compound and the human body can easily absorb it. The chemical makes a clean swipe of all cancer cells by cutting off their blood supply. The only downside here is that the cytotoxic properties of the compound are toxic to all cells. While it will prevent the growth and replication of new cancer cells, it will also make other sections of your body weaker by the duration of the treatment.  

Can Bee Propolis be Used to Treat Other Forms of Cancer?

There is also a lot of good news on this end. The findings of science have proven that the cytotoxic properties of polyphenol work pretty well to treat other forms of cancer. Tests have been made on patients with breast and prostate cancer to obtain positive results.  

Breast cancer is probably the first cause of death for many women across the planet. Even at the earliest stages of development, it takes a lot to be treated since it can spread quickly to other sections of the body. Women have to endure surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation to place the illness in remission.

Prostate cancer is the most common cause of death for many men around the globe. It is often compared in gravity to breast cancer because even if it’0s detected on time, the patient will have to endure heavy rounds of treatment to place the illness in remission.

Having the option to treat cancer with propolis may seem like something a homeopath would recommend, it is not. Medical professionals are recurring to this treatment method with a high rate of success since it works as a preventive measure as well.  

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More Benefits of Bee Propolis

 As incredible as it seems, propolis could very well get the distinction of being a super component. It seems to be very helpful to deal with a ton of health issues. So far, the natural component can be used as an antibiotic. One that the body will have a tough job adapting to because it keeps the central nervous system stimulated at all times. It can also be used in the dental med industry since propolis is useful as mouth disinfectant and to prevent dental cavities. 

How to Use Bee Propolis

The best way to get all the benefits of propolis is by ingesting it as a tincture extract. You only need to place ten drops of it to an early morning meal, or in a glass of water. You will be able to notice the healing properties in a matter of days. Keep in mind the fact that you must not overdo it. The substance is still toxic if it’s consumed in large amounts. 

You can also find a lot of topical propolis ointments to treat any skin issues you might have, such as acne, cold sores, herpes, or swelling problems. The most you should apply these creams is no more than four times a day. Remember that these ointments contain high levels of antioxidants that can help you deal with infections and inflammation.

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Always consult your doctor first before trying any new medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplements.


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