5 Reasons To Include Cranberries With Meals

Benefit of cranberry juice

These are the Best Reasons to Include Cranberries to Your Diet

Cranberries are one of the most popular seasonal fruits all over the world. A lot of people make the connection of this fruit with Christmas. The truth is that this fruit is loaded with so many benefits that it’s hard to stop getting enough of it every single day.

Cranberries have a lot of nutrients, most prominently featured are the vast amounts of vitamins C, and E found on them. It also has a very low caloric intake with an average of 45 calories per serving. It’s naturally sweet and very versatile when it’s used with a little imagination on many recipes.

Cranberries also have curative properties. The juice is a well-known preventive measure used by many women across the globe to prevent menstrual cramps.

Above everything else, cranberries can be a part of a healthy diet as long as we know what we are doing. The following is a compilation made from various sources around the web that list the best reasons to include cranberries to your diet regime.

1.  Cranberries Are Great to Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are prevalent among people who tend to hold off going to the bathroom for too long. The good news is that these sorts of diseases can be treated with something as simple as cranberry juice. Now don’t take this the wrong way, you still need medical treatment and medicine if you have the infection, but the consumption of cranberries can help you heal faster.

There is also the fact that you can prevent UTIs by increasing the consumption of cranberries in your diet. You will build defenses against the bacteria entering your urinary tract and avoid a harrowing experience. 

The last briefing on UTIs across America stated that nearly 15 million cases affected people in the country. This happens because most of these folks won’t take a proper break on their working hours to go to the bathroom. While the consumption of cranberries is not a blunt fix to the issue, it helps to have a system that can help you hold off the infection. But the fact remains that you still need to take a moment to attend to your basic bodily function.  

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2.  Cranberries have Very Little Sugar in Them

Natural cranberries have some of the lowest sugary intakes among all fruits. Dried cranberries and processed juices taste the way they do because they have sugar added to them. The natural flavor of raw cranberries is less sweet, so there is no risk of experiencing a blood sugar spike. They are beneficial to keep regular blood sugar in check.

Minor research found on the web states that using cranberries in the preparation recipe of a fatty meal can help to reduce the impact of it on blood sugar. Now you know why cranberry sauce is always on the table at Thanksgiving dinner. The fruit has a high concentration of antioxidants that can help strengthen our immune systems and flush out toxins out of our bodies.

3.  Cranberries Have a High Amount of Antioxidants

The broad range of benefits provided by antioxidants can be summarized in the strength they have to help us fight off any illnesses that might affect us. The nutrients found in cranberries can help our natural defenses to withstand any potential infection at its early stage. It also makes our hair and nails to be stronger look a lot better.   

Cranberries are classified as a superfood by many nutritionists because it has a very unusual amount of antioxidants with a small cup containing at least 8,985 antioxidant units. Only blueberries come close to this figure, and you would need twice the ration to match it up.

Cranberries also boost the presence of proanthocyanidins, a natural chemical created by our bodies to protect the lining of our guts. This compound is also helpful to keep our immune system healthy and robust at all moments.

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The antioxidants of cranberries remove harmful bacteria from our system and increase the presence of good bacteria in our guts. The fruit works well as a mildly sweet treat that can help us stay fit and keep strong defenses against the flu or colds.

4.  Cranberries Have Low-Calorie Figures

We already mentioned this little fact at the beginning of our guide, but we can expand on it a little more. A portion of raw cranberries has a meager calorie account. A single cup of cranberries only carries 45 calories at best. Even popular fruits like bananas rank a little higher with an average of 110 calories for a medium-sized unit. Blueberries are the next best thing, and a single cup has over 85 calories and a bit more sugar as well. Cranberries are rich in nutrients and low in calories. This unique feature makes them the perfect fruit for people bent on losing weight with a sweet tooth.

5.  Cranberries are the Best Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Swelling or inflammation is never a good sign of anything unless you are experiencing it post work out in your muscles. The presence of swelling is often related to ongoing or upcoming infection. To this day swelling and inflammation has been linked to heart diseases, cancer, and other circulatory problems. The simple addition of cranberries on a healthy diet will reduce any form of inflammation, and it will also decrease the risks of being affected by other diseases.

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